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Australia & New Zealand

Jetfast Pet Express Pte Ltd have branches both in Penang, Jakarta ,Kuala Lumper & Singapore, our boarding premises in both Penang ( dogs) & Kuala Lumper (cats) are totally cage free & just so our dogs in transit are kept cool,even a swimming pool in Penang!

All our snub nose fur babies are relocated via Singapore due to Malaysia Airlines not allowing relocating of snub nose on their aircraft.

If your pet is being relocated by ‘Consigned Cargo’ , we ensure we choose the most direct flight possible to minimise the travel time, with pets going to Europe & the UK, our preferred airlines to use Qatar & KLM for the U.S, we prefer United, Korean, Eva, Cathway Pacific.

We also offer V.I.P services on a total door to door basis ,as well as all the export requirements , we also arrange customs clearance at destination & ground handling services in Europe,United Kingdom , United States & Asia with delivery from the airport direct to your home in air-conditioned vehicles.
If requested , we even send a staff member to accompany your pet all the way, this is our Platinum Service.

‘If Relocating to Australia or New Zealand, It is vitally important that the planning of relocating your fur baby to Australia starts at least 6 to 8 months prior to your preferred date’

With Dogs going to Australia Ehrlichia canis‎ blood test MUST be done prior to any arrangements being made for the relocation, our staff will assist with this requirement.

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