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Let Us Move Your Pet With Love And Care

“Our Mission is to ensure everyone who loves their pet can take them on their journey through life. After all they are not just a pet but part of your family!”


We Specialise in moving pets to & from Indonesia

“Our Specialist team has the expertise and ability to manage and arrange your pets travel to wherever your destination is located.”

Jetfast Pet Express, a proud member of IPATA is a family owned and managed company specialising in the relocation of pets to & from Indonesia & Asia, our network covers over 135 countries worldwide. Our specialist team have the expertise and ability to manage and arrange your pets travel wherever the destination, combined with our own Staff located in Jakarta & other regions of Indonesia, and a vast network of IPATA Agents with whom we have developed strong relationships, based on a high level of service & communication. You can be assured of our total commitment from the moment we pick up your fur baby to the joyous time upon delivery…..THIS IS OUR PERSONAL FAMILY PROMISE TO YOU!                                     

“The relocation process can be daunting, the customs and quarantine rules are complicated and are different in every country”

The majority of destination countries require blood titre tests for pets travelling from Indonesia & also Indonesia requires blood titre tests on incoming pets as well.

Using a professional pet relocation service can take away the stress and anxiety and ensure the best possible move is planned. We will keep you informed and guide you every step of the way. From the moment you call us to arrange a move, to the moment you are united with your fur baby on the other side. Our staff understand the passion and love people have for their fur babies and whilst in our care, we treat them as our family.

Australia from Indonesia

When relocating to Australia, it is vitally important that the planning to relocate your fur baby starts at least 6 to 8 months prior to your preferred date of arrival.
Note the following important points below:
  • We require a blood test be done for Ehrlichia canis before Jetfast Pet Express can accept your dog for relocation. If your fur baby fails this test then your dog cannot be relocated to Australia. Cats do not require testing for Ehrlichia canis.
  • Your dog or cat must have a microchip implanted to ISO standards and a current Rabies vaccination. 30 days after this vaccination, we can draw the blood sample for the first Rabies blood titre test and send to an Australian approved ( OIE ) laboratory in the UK or Australia.
  • Your pet can enter Australia 180 days after the blood sample arrives at the laboratory. Note that this sample from Indonesia can take up to 4-6 weeks for the result to be available.
  • Jetfast Pet Express uses either Singapore & Amsterdam as our transit location for our dogs departing for Australia. The transit point we use depends on the breed of your fur baby.
  • Note: the time in our transit locations can vary for between 45 to 60 days dependent on holidays and peak seasons whilst your pet undergoes the second round of testing and treatments as required by Australian Quarantine.
  • Of course, Owners can find their own accommodation in Singapore or Amsterdam and keep their pets with them during this testing process.
  • The Singapore option will require your pet to be placed in Quarantine for 30 days in Singapore.
  • The Amsterdam option has no requirement for quarantine.
  • Hand carry or excess baggage are not permitted for entry into Australia.
  • Australian quarantine is 10 days and visits are not permitted.
  • Upon release from Australian quarantine, we can arrange delivery to all Australian major cities.
Australia from Indonesia – Australia to Indonesia
  • Your dog must have a microchip implanted to ISO standards & a current Rabies vaccination & a Rabies Blood titre test.
  • Australia only allows relocation of pets from Australia to Indonesia as air cargo. Hand carry or unaccompanied baggage/excess baggage is not permitted.
  • The only place of entry into Indonesia where pets may enter is Jakarta.
  • Quarantine is 14 days; however, we can arrange a fast track of 3 to 5 days upon application.
  • An Indonesian import permit is required and 21 days advance notice is needed (longer if Indonesian holidays impact your preferred dates).
  • We can arrange transfer from Jakarta upon release from quarantine to other major cities within Indonesia.
New Zealand from Indonesia (Excluding snub nose)
  • New Zealand requires your pet to reside in an approved country for six months, Jetfast Pet Express using boarding facilities located in Penang,Malaysia wherepets are in a cage free environment & allowed to free roam during the day, there is even a swimming pool for dogs who love the water!
  • Cats are boarded in our cage free facility located in a private home in Kuala Lumpur for the required six months.
  • Pets will require microchipping and rabies vaccinations in Indonesia prior to departing for Penang.
  • Of course,owners are welcome to find their own accommodation in either Penang or Kuala Lumpur, and keep their pets with them whilst testing is in progress.
  • There is no need to do the Rabies Blood titre test in Indonesia. Our vets in Malaysia will do the required testing after arrival in Malaysia as well as the all prescribed treatments required by NZ quarantine.
New Zealand from Indonesia (Excluding snub nose)
We also offer V.I.P. services on a total door to door basis. As well as all the export requirements, we arrange customs clearance at destination and ground handling services in Europe, United Kingdom, United States and Asia with delivery from the airport direct to your home in air-conditioned vehicles. If requested, we CAN even send a staff member to accompany your pet all the way, this is our Platinum Service.

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