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Jetfast Pet Express

Jetfast Pet Express is a family owned and managed company based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

For over 15 years we have been specialising in the export and import of pets to and from Indonesia.

Our network covers over 135 countries worldwide. Our specialist team have the expertise and ability to manage and arrange your pets travel wherever the destination,
combined with our own Staff located in Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Australia & other regions of SE Asia.You can be assured of our total commitment from the
moment we pick up your fur baby to the joyous time upon delivery…..


How Pet Travel Works

Jetfast Pet Express is an international pet transport company dedicated to animal lovers providing interstate and overseas pet relocation services. Here is an easy step by step guide for a better understanding of the requirements for the smooth travel of your pet.


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Delivery & Re-Unite with your Pet

Your International Pet Travel Experts

We provide a complete door-to-door pet transport service within Southeast Asia to any destination in the world

Messages from happy clients!

Patricia Moriconi
Patricia Moriconi
We could not fault the service or experience. It’s hard trusting a much loved pet with someone else however our Evee was well looked after and we received updates regularly. W &J are passionate about pets and go to all lengths possible to make the journey as stress free as possible for us and for Evee!
After asking one question about crates we were told they are too stressed and busy to “argue” with the airline about crates. The question was asking why the crates we have used for multiple international trasnportations are not compliant according to them. My recommendation? Find another company.. rude agent, zero compassion or understanding, and apparently no time to help people with one reasonable question…
F Farrel
F Farrel
Great service originally

Icarus Felt

Wayne, Jill and the rest of the team exceeded all our expectations in getting our two small dogs from Southeast Asia to the UK under particularly difficult circumstances.Thanks to myriad complicating factors that Jetfast expertly navigated, it was a long journey – but regular updates and communications showed how well our girls were taken care of during every step of the way. I particularly appreciated how pro-actively and effectively they addressed problems, instead of pushing responsibility onto us and slowing the process down.I cannot recommend Jetfast Pet Express enough for the help they have given us and the service they provided. Thanks to them, our girls can live out the rest of their days getting used to British parks and just how cold Wales can be compared to Southeast Asia.

Icarus Felt

Australia during the pandemic

Very smooth relocation of my kitties from Indonesia to Australia during the pandemic. The team is highly knowledgeable and the cats avoided the long backlog in Australian quarantine by travelling via Malaysia and New Zealand. Nearly 10 months later and they are home today. Highly recommend the Jetfast team. Thank you to Wayne and Jill in Australia, Rudi in Indonesia, Gen in NZ. And thank you to the boarding team Karthi in Malaysia and Carol and Tish in NZ!

Silmarilly Bahfenne

complicated and difficult

Relocating our dogs from Hong Kong to Indonesia is definitely not easy, especially under the situation of Covid, everything is 10 times more complicated and difficult. We’ve been very lucky to have this great team of Jetfast to help and came up with options to make things happened. To fly them via Malaysia, keep sending pictures and videos updates all the way through. One month is very long for us and our dogs, but we feel very grateful to have our family reunited!!!! Thank you once again for the great help, we cannot do this without you guys!

Annabat Martens

Australia from Vietnam

I can’t thank Wayne, Jill and their team enough for getting my cat Bella back to Australia from Vietnam. The circumstances were challenging* and difficult**, but Wayne and Jill communicated with me every step of the way during a process that took the better part of a year. Jetfast Pet Express is absolutely professional and trustworthy, and you won’t get anyone better and more caring to manage the transport of your darling/s. Highly recommended.

* AQIS removing Malaysia off the list for non-approved countries
** COVID19

Dee Elle

Professional And Trustworthy

I can’t thank Wayne and Jill enough for bringing my cat Henry from Germany to Australia. Helpful, friendly, professional and trustworthy. You won’t find anyone more caring and helpful than Jetfast Pet Express.

Nina Wolfframm